Give Your Garden a Little TLC

Give Your Garden a Little TLC

Choose top-notch compost for your garden in Kennewick, WA and the surrounding areas

Using a high-quality compost can make the difference between having a garden that survives and a garden that thrives. When you need superior compost products, rely on Eagle Rock LLC.

Not sure if you really need compost in your garden? Savvy gardeners use it because:

It can help your plants grow faster and larger.
It provides important nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorous.
Over time, your plants deplete the natural nutrients in the ground.

We have compost and topsoil for sale whenever you need them. Call today to get compost that will make your garden grow.

Have you tried our master gardener mix?

Find out why savvy gardeners from across the Kennewick, WA area turn to Eagle Rock when they need compost. Our gardener mix is hands-down the best around.

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